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How Our Digital Marketing Company Got Started

Our story began in 2008 when David Negrete, an Electrical Engineering major at the University of Texas at El Paso, took a Java class; he quickly fell in love with programming and computer science and changed his major. Soon after, he was promoted at the telecommunications company he worked at (Alltel, later became Verizon), so he decided to put his university studies on hold to embark on his new career as a technical support supervisor for Verizon wireless, a telecommunications company.

While working for his employer, he used his tuition reimbursement program. His goal was to improve his chance of doing backend support within the company and getting some experience. He first got Network+ certified and learned about servers and networks. Next, he took several C++ (a general-purpose programming language) courses and learned how to deploy and deploy web applications (CRUDy) in local environments with local databases (MySQL). He first learned how to deploy to the world wide web (WWW). After taking Introduction to Web Development at Harvard Extension School, he learned about front-end web technologies (HTML, Javascript, and CSS) to create secure documents on a PHP framework through Harvard Extension schools. He later started to take courses on Treehouse and UDemy to learn more. Eventually, he deployed his first commercial website using Python on a Django framework for his wife and her nail art practice.

In 2015 his employer terminated his position, and he was left without a job. So he took all the money from his 401k to open up D’Licious Nails Nail Art Studio with his wife. They had no brand or budget, so this pushed him to learn it himself. He learned how to effectively use Adobe Creative Cloud to create web assets with some of the applications in their suite like Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, and Premiere Pro. He learned from YouTube SEO’s (Chase Reiner, Miles Beckler, and others ) techniques to rank a website on Google search and create brand awareness. He also took an SEO course with the guys at the Local Client Takeover to learn about optimizing and creating content that ranks on Google Business Properties and on the maps.

He is able to create brands that rank online with help from his team of web development magicians.

Everything is made up of matter, energy, and consciousness. The type of energy and attention we use to create makes the final result.
David A. Negrete
CEO/ Cheif Content Creator

4.8 Google Reviews

The accounts we manage have 100s of reviews and an average of 4.8 Stars through our efforts at customer outreach and conflict mitigation.

Ad Targeting on Facebook

The Facebook accounts we manage can reach more people. We have access to over 60k people in the El Paso area that we can target.

Getting found on Google Maps

We can generate calls for your business and help you rank on the maps with our proven methods.

The Team

Full-service Digital Wizards

Our team is small and lightweight but can deliver results. Our developers work in an agile environment with SCRUM methods to create content, managed by local contractors or virtual employees who help out on projects as needed. A lean development approach enables us to manage our resources more effectively so we can do what needs to be done fast and provide you with great service!